Vidyalaya Management Committee


 List of VMC Members 2018-19


Shri. SHAILESH NAWAL,  IAS Chairman VMC (Vidyalaya Management Committee)& District Collector, Wardha
Shri. L. M. DURE
Member, District Education Officer (Sec. & Primary) Z.P. Wardha.
Mrs.A.A.Konher                  Member, Vice Principal, JNV, Wardha.
Shri. R.NAGABHUSHANAM Member , Secretary, Principal, JNV, Wardha  



Powers of the Chairman

(a)                Chairman, Vidyalaya Management Committee or his nominee will countersign all the cheques to be issued on behalf of the Vidyalaya.

 (b)               To grant casual leave and permission to leave the station to the Principal.

         (c)                He will be the Chairman of the Vidyalaya Appointment Committee and Principal act a ex-officer Member Secretary.

 (d)               All appointments of group’D’ posts of the Vidyalaya will be made by the Vidyalaya Management Committee through the          Vidyalaya Appointment Committee.

(e)                The Vidyalaya appointment Committee may co-opt any local subject expert in case some teaching and non-teaching staff is required on ad-hoc basis 3 persons shall form the quorum.

The Chairman may nominate any other member of the Vidyalaya Management Committee as Chairman of the Vidyalaya Appointment Committee in any of it meeting. Local non official members or Vidyalaya Management Committee or its sub committee whenever required to attend official meeting convened by the Chairman will be entitled to per diem amount of Rs. 50/- for attending the meeting.


Tenure of the Vidyalaya Management Committee: -

(a)                The Chairman of a Navodaya Vidyalaya will be District Magistrate/Collector/Deputy Commissioner of the District in his ex-officio capacity. He may nominate some local Senior Officer, in case District Magistrate’s, Headquarter is located at some distance from the Vidyalaya.

(b)               The Principal of the Vidyalaya will be the Member Secretary.

(c)                The tenure of the office of the members of the Management Committee of a Vidyalaya shall be 3 years but they will be eligible for re nomination.

(d)               Members/Office bearers of the VMC will continue beyond the term of 3 years till the new committee has been re constituted.

(e)                The Director may constitute an ad-hoc Vidyalaya Management Committee for a newly started school for a limited period till a regular committee has been constituted. The Principal will submit a proposal for the constitution of the Vidyalaya Management Committee through the regional officer to the Director for approval.


 Functions/Powers of the Management Committee: -

(a)                To exercise control over expenditure in respect of the funds raised by the Samiti for the Vidyalaya and all other rules in the manner laid down by the Samiti. This specifically implies proper custody of funds, due control over expenditure and ensuring of payments to proper persons and parties of correct amount an a proper maintenance of accounts.

(b)               To prepare budget estimates for the next financial year and sending suggestions in respect of new items and expenditure with the justification therefore. This will include non-recurring items such as buildings, sub-repairs, furniture and equipment etc.

(c)                To make selection of staff for the Vidyalaya on ad-hoc basis and in accordance with the procedure prescribed by the Samiti.

(d)               To exercise general supervision over the proper running and functioning of Vidyalaya including maintenance of discipline among students as well as members of staff.

(e)                To exercise general supervision over the proper functioning of hostel, including the catering management either through private contractor or by the Vidyalaya itself.

(f)                To make suggestions for any improvement or reform in academic or other procedures relating to the Vidyalaya.

(g)               To assist the Vidyalaya to secure local assistance and cooperation for its better working and growth.

(h)               To scrutinize and approve the annual report of the Vidyalaya.