Visiting Places


Visiting Places in Wardha District


There is a Varad Vinayak’s   (Lord Ganesh ) temple at Kelzer which is also known as one of the Ganesh temple from Ashtavinayaka in Vidarbha region. The Sculpture of Lord Ganesha is found in the past period of Arya.


Vishwa Shanti Stup

In 1935, Fuji Guruji from Japan came to Wardha and met Mahatma Gandhi. He put the wish to setup the Stups (Prayer place for of Budha Community) in India. Gandhi agreed his desire and then after Stanti Stups were built at eight different places in India. One of that Vishwa Shanti Stup is found in Wardha. This Stup is constructed with the help of Japan in 1995. On the Stup the architecture is available describing the history of Lord Goutam Budha.

 Gitai Mandir (Temple)

This is the mandir where Vinoba’s Gitai became perpetual. Vinoba Bhave translated the Bagwat Gita in the book Gitai. For this purpose number of polished stones are brought from different places and arranged vertically in shape of cow and 18 ‘Shlokas’ (sections) of the Gita are engraved on it. This temple is unlike to the general temple. It has no ceiling, no walls.

Beside the mandir, permanent exhibition is arranged in Shanti Kuti in memory of Mahatma Gandhi and Jamnalal Bajaj.



Sewagram - Bapu Kuti

Mahatma Gandhi came  Wardha in the year 1934. On the request by late jamnalalji Bajaj, he selected the Segaon village for his Ashram or Kuti. Later this village renamed as Sewagram. Mahatma Gandhi continued his freedom movement from this ashram. Various articles , needy things used by Gandhi are kept here as it is. The premises of the Ashram having the Adi Niwas, Ba Kuti (Shelter of Kasturba Gandhi), Akhri Niwas, Mahadeo Kuti, Kishor Kuti and other historical places maintaining as its original status by the trusty of  the Ashram.

Permanent Photo exhibition of the Gandhi is there near the Ashram.

Tourism and Development Department of Government of India have started the guest house beside the ashram for staying the visiters.

In memory of Gandhi, Kasturba Hospital is established here in year 1944. Beside this, on 12thAugust 1969, Dr. Sushila Nayar had started the MahatmaGandhi Medical College in Sewagram.