One of the important features of the Navodaya Vidyalaya Scheme is the Scheme of exchange of students from one Navodaya Vidyalaya in a particular linguistic region to another Vidyalaya in a different linguistic region to promote understanding of the diversity and plurality of India’s culture and people.  According to the Scheme 30% of children from one Navodaya Vidyalaya are migrated to another Vidyalaya at Class-IX level.  The migration takes place generally between Hindi and Non-Hindi speaking districts.  Due precautions are taken in transporting the children from the remotest parts of the country between JNVs located in North, South, East or West India.  The officers from the Hqrs. as well as Regional Offices of the NVS during their visits to JNVs make it a point to see that the migrated children are happily adjusted in the Vidyalayas they have migrated to. By and large, the Principals have been able to ensure that the children under migration are made to feel at home to the extent possible by given them special care and attention.


 Action Plan For JNV Wardha for Strengthening The Migration System  AS Per The Task Force  Recommendations.


1.The migration student will be inducted into various committees like Mess committee, House management, class leadership, sport, CCA, cultural, gardening and SUPW work.


2.  Plans to send the migrated students (Boys) along with local students to visit their homes on the occasion of some important local festivals like Pola . All the migrated girls along with a lady teachers will visit the homes of local children and be their guest on the occasion of Ganpati Festival .The local parents are taken into confidence for cooperation and safety security concerned.


3.  All the migration students will be introduced to the local parents on the parents day.


4.  Every now and then students will be oriented regarding the advantages of migration.


5. It is decided that the JNV Principal will visit the corresponding  JNV to understand the local conditions of the migrated students.


6. Matters such as selection  procedure , preparing a brief about the local conditions, preparation, of students profiles, selection of escorts, railway reservation, safety security, issue of necessary articles are taken care  in a timely  manner.


7. On the arrival of migrated students  the Vice Principal along with 1 or 2 other staff member personally received the children from the railway station .


8.  Migration students will be allotted all the  houses and are not allowed to stay together in the same dormitory.


9. A  reception programme will be organized for migrated students in the morning  assembly.


10.Mr.R.N.Jha TGT Hindi one of the senior most TGTs is appointed as coordinator for migrated students. Mrs. Wankhede will  take care of migrated girls students .


11.All items such as bedding items, daily use items ,stationary  items etc are issued on their arrival .


12.All the migrated children have been adopted by staff members and are asked to look after them and specially invite them for a meal on some festive Occasion.


13.The parents of the local students are asked to adopt one migration student and spend time and share the meals with their own child and the migrated student whenever they visit the Vidyalaya on parent days .


14.A Migration students is inducted into the mess committee. During  mess committee meetings  the special food habits of migrated students are discussed but it is to be noted that the migration students are happy with the local menu and have not expressed any desire for some special items. However small thing which they wanted are satisfied .


15.  A picnic will be arranged for migration students some were near by the school where they will prepare items of their choice.


16.  The migration students are talked to at least once in 15 days either by the coordinator or by the Principal to know their problems if any and minutes are recorded.


17.  The coordinator has arranged for depositing of money and all other valuable articles with himself to avoid complaints of theft etc.


18.  Vidyalaya does make arrangements for lodging and boarding facilities for the parents of migrated students who visit the school rarely.


19.  Academic aspects of migrated students are taken care off with all sincerity just like catering to the local students specially in math, science and English .And it is also plan to inform parent of migrated students the mark of all test by a post card every month.


20.  It is also decided to give some prize to the local students who is very friendly and taking care off the migration students.


21.  It is also decided to celebrate November 1st , the Haryana foundation day as Haryana Day and organize special programme depicting Haryana  culture and provide food to all the students as per the wish of migrated children.

 The details of Migrated students during 2016-17

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